Friday, 9 December 2011

PR: Climate Vulnerable Countries Seek to Catalyse Action at COP17 and Beyond

09 DECEMBER 2011 
  • Bangladesh Environment Minister today drew attention to Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF) aims,
  • 2011 Ministerial Declaration of the CVF distributed to delegates
DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA – 09 December 2011: The Bangladesh Minister of Environment and Forests today presented the cause of the Climate Vulnerable Forum in his address to the High-Level segment of the UN climate talks in Durban (COP17).

The Bangladesh Environment Minister, HE Dr. Hasan Mahmud, articulated the importance for an immediate consensus on a mitigation agenda, supported by concrete progress on adaptation, finance and technology at Durban. Speaking on the purpose of the CVF, the honorable minister said: “The CVF is a communication and political platform of most vulnerable countries. It seeks to play a catalytic role through facilitation in reaching a consensus agreement for action here in Durban and

Drawing to the attention of the President of COP17 today in plenary, the Bangladesh Environment Minister said: “A group of severely affected Non-Annex-1 countries met in Dhaka last month at the Climate Vulnerable Forum-2011, attended also by the UN Secretary-General, to highlight our vulnerabilities and to articulate the imperatives for an effective, robust and durable response.”

The Dhaka Ministerial Declaration of the CVF was also circulated at the plenary.

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