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From the Request for Proposals

Request for proposals

Issue Date: 19th April

Closing Date: 11th May (close of business, Central European Time)

Media outreach for the Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2012 report

1. About DARA and the Climate Vulnerability Monitor

DARA is an independent organisation committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of aid for
vulnerable populations suffering from conflict, disasters and climate change.

In conjunction with the Climate Vulnerable Forum, a group of countries heavily affected by climate change
adamant to amplify political pressure for a resolution to the climate crisis, in 2010 DARA developed the
Climate Vulnerability Monitor. The Climate Vulnerability Monitor is a new tool built to assess the vulnerability
of our world to the many effects of climate change as communities are facing them. It is developed with
critical input from leading international thinkers and aims to help us keep watch on current and expected
impacts caused by climate change and to promote understanding and debate around its growing dangers
and how to deal with them.

2. Background

DARA is working towards the 2012 edition of the Climate Vulnerability Monitor (CVM), to be published in
June 2012, a refined and expanded version of the volume published in December 2010. The report will be
launched in Rio +20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Possible presentation dates
range from 16th to 19th June 2012.

For this assignment, DARA is seeking a PR agency to plan and produce a high-quality launch event in Rio
+20 for ministers and senior global policy-makers as well as maximize opportunities to ensure positive
and widespread coverage in the run-up to, during and after the event in all types of media (tv
through to radio; expert through to tabloid) in the key target constituencies, including national and
international broadcasts, major print publications, blogs, wire, online news services and bloggers.

3. Objectives

Overarching objective:

Increased awareness and accountability in the face of real and growing damages and suffering
caused by climate change and evangelize unique visions of change
• To generate qualitatively constructive and quantitatively widespread media coverage of the CVM
2012, the impacts of climate change, the consequences of inaction on climate change and the
importance of pursuing green development and low- carbon growth
• To disseminate the findings and recommendations of the Climate Vulnerability Monitor 2012
• To generate notoriety in Rio+ 20 with launch event of CVM 2012
• To best leverage DARA’s role in this effort as an authoritative partner on climate vulnerability, a
source of information on climate change and a leader in the work of climate change as concerns
vulnerable countries.

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