Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The Human Impact of Shifting Sands in Madagascar

"The Gathering Storm: Shifting Sands" 

The IRIN presents an exposé on the effects of climate change in Madagascar, where drought, sands and floods have put a strain on agriculture and the availability of water resources.   

Excerpts from their interviews:

"We used to get our water from a well but the well became full of sand.  So now we have to dig holes in the sand to get our water.  In our ancestors' time there was plenty of rain, but now things have changed and it hardly ever rains."

"Before the soil used to be hard but the wind came and covered it with sand.  Now it is very sandy and very hard to grow anything.  Just sweet potatoes or a little maize if it rains."

"This place has been destroyed by the sand.  And in 5 to 7 years time we will have to move again and we don't know where we will go.  To keep on moving is a big problem.  We are not secure.  If the sand keeps coming we will have to keep moving."

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